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Educational Resources

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The following are excellent learning sites. 

Content on other sites
These are the New England Journal of Medicine Videos.  This has very comprehensive videos for procedures and more.
Just like the URL says, this has all free video and/or audio talks including audio and video for much of Amal Matu's EKG conferences.
Outstanding review of basic and advanced CXR interpretation and correlation to various pathology. Excellent review even for a seasoned EM doc.
ECG wave maven. Classic ECG site. Very good self-assesment tool and ECG bank for reveiwing multiple presentations of various pathologies. Very good tool to copy and paste ECG's into your powerpoint presentations.
Critical Care Medicine tutorial. Must read for all interns prior to starting CCU/ICU. Excellent section on ventilators and Respiratory pathology. Great review for seniors.
Overveiw/Review of PORT score.
Surviving sepsis campaign. Must read for all interns.
Aortic dissection e-medicine article. In light of oral boards case.

Summa Content
Pubmed with Summa's Holdings (and electronic access)
NEOLINK: Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine Library's Catalog (and electronic books)
Ohiolnk has some electronic resources, but is also the best way to get books shipped from other libraries.
Lots of content here like Tintinalli's. If you are at home, you must log in to NEOLINK and find the book you want there.  Then it will open in AccessMedicine. For questions, contanct Heather Holmes(375-3260 or


This site has some free CME related to trauma (general trauma, emergency, pediatrics, orthopedics, pain management) : 

Free Trauma CME (Airway Management in Trauma)   Total 8.75 from this website (FREE)

Free CME programs from John C. Lincoln Hospitals

o   Trauma Embolization                                                       32 minutes         0.5 CME

o   Mgt. of Mangling Hand Deformities                         42 minutes          0.75 CME

o   Complex Thoracic Injuries                                                            1 hour                   1 CME

o   Diagnosis & Treatment of Hearing Injuries                            53 minutes          1 CME

o   Controversies in Open Fracture Management    18 minutes          0.5 CME

o   Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation                         1:09 hr/min         1.25 CME

For Gut Failure after Abdominal Injury

o   Trauma From a Rehab Centers Point of View      1:09 hr/min         1:25 CME

o   Fundamentals of Diagnosis & Treatment of                         1:07 hr/min         1 CME

Hemorrhagic Shock

o   Maintenance of “Open Lung” Ventilation in the                 43 minutes          0.75 CME

Critically Injured

o   Management of Splenic Injury in Adults                                43 minutes          0.75 CME

Several trauma on-line CME programs   

Free CME program on alcohol screening

Several pediatric trauma CME on-line programs  approximately 21  

Web based programs that you can sign up for on various disaster planning. 

Neurosurgery CME:

Brain Trauma Foundation On-Line Education:


AANS On-line CME Opportunity

CME articles related to head trauma


Orthopedic CME:

CME articles related to orthopedics  -  Free if member of AAOS, cost for non-members. All orthopedic related trauma with some pediatric ortho CME.


Emergency Medicine CME:

CME articles related to Emergency Medicine